december 26, 2020 3:07 pm

day 5

just this fucking video


call this one... my brain

♬ mrs magic - eggs☔︎︎♒︎

december 13, 2020 12:24

day 4

im not hungry. im not hungry. im not hungry.

i need to eat less to be pretty, right?

i need self control.

december 12, 2020 12:11

day 3

last night, i had a dream. i had a boyfriend. i think his name was damien? dave? i dunno. but he was beautiful. he gave me two rings that reminded him of our moments together. moments that felt like a lifetime. time would stop, and it was just him, looking at me with that smile. i wore my hair in a bun and was white. everyone in my family loved him. but he had no idea i was ftm. i was going to tell him, but the dream ended.

december 11th, 2020 3:52 pm

day 2

my ego is not my fault. im sorry. i didnt mean to. im sorry. im sorry. please dont leave. i need you. tell me i'll be okay. please. please tell me im alright?

december 9th, 2020

day 1

i need to leave him. i have to. he's so nice to me, but i cant keep lying to him. i cant keep acting like what he says about my family is okay. i cant keep acting like im the "good one". the normal fag. the hot bisexual who's not actually bisexual. the cisgender e-girl with big tits and thick thighs. my name is moth. i use he/they pronouns and neopronouns, and i am genderqueer. and i'm mlm/nblm. and i hate my thighs. and i hate my breasts. and i cant keep pretending. i dont want to just say that, though. im scared i'll become his femme fatale for him to vent about on reddit or something. i fucking hate myself.