reasons NOT to eat! ♡(ꈍᴗꈍ):∞♡*♥

— lu ✿ (@lurexic) November 24, 2020

your so cute!! look at you go!! you ARE going to finish this fast and you’ll be so small and adorable!!

— Ellie♡ (@stinkyomad) November 20, 2020

please dont eat :( your cravings will go away soon, you know you'll feel guilty about it later. go drink some water and distract yourself <3#sweetspo #thinspo #edtwt

— SYD (@sydcountscals) November 23, 2020

if ur bmi is over 20 u got no place writing meanspo...take ur own advice bae

— alexis (@jisoosIitz) November 20, 2020

food will never comfort you. once the taste is gone, you'll feel nothing but regret.

— 嘉jia - daily meanspo (@kafeidiet) November 20, 2020

noooo u don’t wanna binge! it makes u so stuffed and uncomfy :// think of how light and dainty you’ll feel if u just wait a little longer until you can control your eating again. totally worth it right??

— ً lollie (@KETAMlNECALS) November 17, 2020

if ur hungry, ur doing it right! if ur stomach growls or u get a lil fuzzy when u stand up, it’s working it’s magic! look at ur arms or ur stomach, look at ur progress!! you got this,, keep pushing <3

— ً lollie (@KETAMlNECALS) November 17, 2020

the food isn’t gonna run away silly! it’ll still be there once ur at ur goal weight!! you’ll be able to eat alllll u want with no guilt knowing that ur confident in ur beautiful body. i know it can be tempting but ur strong, i believe in u.

— ً lollie (@KETAMlNECALS) November 17, 2020